Late last year a Baranduda resident highlighted the traffic congestion at the Murray Valley and Kiewa Valley intersection at Bandiana. I asked the Minister if she could provide details of any recent traffic counts. In 2020, 5000 vehicles used the Kiewa Valley Highway each day. A 2023 count found a 2% increase year on year so about 5300 vehicles a day.

One of the team braved 34 degrees and spent two hours at the intersection last week. In a 10-minute count 201 vehicles turned into the Kiewa Valley Highway at that the intersection, that’s one every 3 seconds. Another 156 cars continued their journey on the Murray Valley Highway, 80 of those travelling towards Wodonga, merging with 166 cars, one every 4 seconds, on the Kiewa Valley Highway also inward bound towards Wodonga.

That is a lot of vehicles, and admittedly it’s peak hour, but I’m interested to hear from you as to whether you think there has been a minimal increase in traffic at that intersection in the past three years and whether you think the intersection is dangerous.

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