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Highway To Hell

In regional Victoria, our roads are our lifeblood. The spoke and wheel connections radiate from the commercial regional hub of Wodonga to our many smaller towns and districts. They deliver agriculture products to market and natural resources to the value-adding industry. They also feed intrastate, national, and international tourists to our major attractions.

I am a passionate advocate for the proper investment to maintain this network, delivering the sealing of the Omeo Highway and major improvements to the Murray Valley Highway. In recent times I have successfully lobbied for suicide prevention barriers on Melrose Drive in Wodonga and the $65 million Hume freeway flyover at McKoy Street.

A Liberal Nationals Government would stop bleeding the Roads budget dry – the state road maintenance budget has been cut by 45% since 2020. We would also reinstate the country roads and bridges program, providing a million dollars a year to each council to underpin works on council managed roads. These have all been in response to concerns from the Benambra community. If you have an issue with roads contact my team. If I can help, I will.

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