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Sports help people of all ages to live an
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With all its beauty and heritage… in my
opinion, it’s the best part of Victoria.

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Healthy citizens for a healthy society

Having access to the entire spectrum of healthcare services – physical health, mental health, and care for the elderly – is a requirement to build a strong society in which all have equal opportunities and can thrive. Working together to create the infrastructure we need, close to home, is needed so our community can thrive.

Education | Bill Tilley, MLA Member for Benambra

Building our future generation

Higher education and workmanship should be cultivated and nurtured close to home. With programs investing in the opening of new schools and upgrading legacy ones, we can keep our youth close to home, in a place where they want to raise their families in the future.
Environment | Bill Tilley, MLA Member for Benambra

Protecting our natural resources

We are the custodians of this land and I believe people in Benambra, perhaps more than most, share a passion to manage, preserve and protect the environment. It’s a unique asset and one we cannot afford to waste.

Roads | Bill Tilley, MLA Member for Benambra

Connecting our community

With more than 10,000 square kilometres in the electorate, our roads and bridges are integral to our way of life. Whether it is getting produce to markets, taking the kids to school, or commuting from home to work each day, our roads and bridges must be safe, reliable, and the best they can possibly be.

Police Policies | Bill Tilley, MLA Member for Benambra

Protecting our community

Close to our hearts, the force that helps us sleep without worry needs the support and means to perform. Through resources, funding, and soft skills training, collaboration with the police can enhance its ability to keep us safe.

Helping our citizens in crisis

When there is a crisis, you need these guys on deck. They are the paid and volunteers of the CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria, the ambos and their community support teams in many of our towns, along with the SES and so many other groups that support searches and rescues. They must have the best training and equipment possible to keep us safe.

Renewable Energy | Bill Tilley, MLA Member for Benambra

Better for our environment

I believe in looking out for the next generation. Just as we don’t want them to inherit unsustainable debt, we also don’t want to pass on an unsustainable environment to them either.

But the transition to renewable energy must be carefully managed. We can’t allow our most vulnerable community members to be burdened with high power bills. And our grid must be able to adapt to the power pushed back into the system from rooftops.

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