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For an up to date information on grants, please visit the Benambra &
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Visit these pages for COVID and Bushfire Recovery.
Visit these pages for COVID and Bushfire Recovery.

Communities grow together. Grants are a helping hand empowering our communities to recover, develop resilience and flourish.

Through sustained efforts, the Benambra District has access to numerous development resources available at its fingertips. Some resources are easier to access than others, but equally helpful for those who need them. Grants have always been a valuable resource that many businesses, sporting groups, service clubs and others need to fuel their growth.

Grants can allow you to pursue your dream, turn your vision into reality, keep your volunteers stable, assist to get you back on your feet when you have been knocked down and maintain your position in society. Learn everything you need about available resources and grants and let us help you access the funds you need to thrive.

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