Policies on Environment

Protecting our natural environment

Benambra’s natural environment is one of its greatest assets – a driver of tourism, industry and attraction. Like any asset, it must be managed to meet the demands of the modern world.

Yeddonba Aboriginal Platform is one example. Situated in Chiltern Mt. Pilot National Park, closed for 5 years due to some cracks in the wooden platform.   In 2021 Parks Victoria advised work would start soon – latest update, Autumn 2024 – Watch this space!

Gorge Bridge, Beechworth – Parks Victoria have closed the bridge to both vehicles and pedestrians due to damage caused during last summer’s flooding event. Frustration abounds in the local community over this popular tourist attraction, with no consultation or information about its future.

Public campgrounds along our waterways and in our State and National Parks has seen a constant flow of negative emails with regards to lack of maintenance and undesirables not being moved on.

These are just a few of our many assets and we need ensure that we have ongoing commitment from the Government to Parks Victoria to manage and protect our natural environment.


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