Policies on Education

Building our future generation

The development of a strong and diverse economy is underpinned by an educated and agile workforce. Opportunities for our youth in Benambra are closely tied to the education system.

I pride myself on my achievements from within the government that delivered a new Belvoir Special School on a greenfield site, the $15 million redevelopment of the Wodonga Senior Secondary College, and massive improvements to Wodonga West Primary.

In Opposition I have successfully lobbied for additional funding for Corryong, the $10 million investment in Beechworth Secondary College and I also had the drop toilets removed from Middle Indigo Primary.

A joint effort is needed in order to improve educational access and allow Benambra students to remain here, and to further support and develop their communities.

My achievements are driven by the knowledge and concerns of parents, teachers, and students. I know there is more to be done at Huon Middle Years and elsewhere so call my team. Together we can make a powerful difference in the future of our children.


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