Bill’s Statements and Opinions

Staying grounded and true to the community’s values through praise and adversity alike is one of my core qualities. And t is essential for a true collaboration that leads to improvement for everyone.

What I do in the Parliament and in the electorate is not limited to what appears in the media or on the Parliamentary records. Much of my work is in collaboration with Ministers, parliamentary colleagues and department heads designed to provide outcomes and solutions, not simply media grabs

25 May 2022

Our plan to keep freight moving

After enduring eight years of freight chaos under the Andrews Labor Government, Victorians will get a reliable freight network under an elected Liberals and Nationals Government. […]
24 May 2022

Chiltern & Beechworth heritage on hold

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley says he is disappointed and disillusioned with a lack of action over significant heritage and cultural attractions remaining closed around Beechworth […]
19 May 2022

Andrews Government won’t commit to ending vaccine mandates for teachers

The Andrews Labor Government has admitted that it will not be ending teacher vaccine mandates, despite calling for the recruitment of 1,900 teachers in its 2022-23 […]
17 May 2022

“No longer required”: Minister confirms cruel cuts to mental health support

Mental Health Minister James Merlino has confirmed almost $60 million of cruel cuts to mental health programs that were designed to help struggling Victorians recover from […]
07 May 2022

A record low: critical healthcare targets not being met

Alarming figures have laid bare the disastrous situation in our health system under the Andrews Labor Government. Just 66 per cent of patients are being transferred […]
05 May 2022
Public policy think tank tells Labor to fix roads

More potholes, ruts and cracks: the Road Minister’s budget promise

The Andrews Labor Government has doubled down on its cuts to the state’s crumbling road network, cutting even more funding for maintenance of the state’s roads. […]
04 May 2022

Local communities duped by Andrews’ health budget con

Local communities including Melton and Geelong have been duped by Daniel Andrews’ health budget con. Despite Labor spin, the budget papers confirm actual health expenditure has […]
26 Apr 2022
Benambra’s natural environment is one of its greatest assets – a driver of tourism, industry and attraction. For questions and concerns regarding our policies on environment, please get in touch with Bill Tilley's team.

May State Budget must deliver regional Victoria our fair share

Regional Victorians are demanding a fair share of the state’s spend on hospitals, schools, infrastructure and mental health in the lead up to the State Budget […]
22 Apr 2022

Triple-zero crisis mired in secrecy

The Andrews Labor Government’s contempt for the victims of Victoria’s triple zero crisis has deepened. While the Premier continues to refuse to release the Ashton report […]