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Staying grounded and true to the community’s values through praise and adversity alike is one of my core qualities. And t is essential for a true collaboration that leads to improvement for everyone.

What I do in the Parliament and in the electorate is not limited to what appears in the media or on the Parliamentary records. Much of my work is in collaboration with Ministers, parliamentary colleagues and department heads designed to provide outcomes and solutions, not simply media grabs

17 May 2021

Grattan Institute’s warnings must be heeded to rein in runaway Victorian infrastructure costs

Victoria must learn the lessons revealed in a new report that examines the failings of government in the planning and delivery of major projects. The Grattan […]
11 May 2021

Andrews Labor Government keeps Victorians in the dark over blackout risks

Today’s reports that Victoria is facing a rising risk of blackouts by 2028-29, following the decision to close Yallourn coal plant early, is deeply troubling. The […]
07 May 2021

Victoria’s Ambulance crisis hits crisis point

Victorians face longer wait times for an ambulance and in some cases ambulances are not even turning up at all. Sick and injured Victorians are even […]
05 May 2021

Labor’s woke proposal threatens higher bills for Victorians

Reports today that inner-city councils and the Andrews Labor Government are planning to ban new gas connections shows just how out of touch they are. It’s […]
04 May 2021

Go-slow to impact regional drivers

Rather than urging the Andrews Labor Government to put money into fixing roads, the RACV is advocating for speed limits to be dropped. A RACV spokesperson […]
02 May 2021

Local council business fees and charges to be frozen under Liberal Nationals plan to boost support for small businesses

The Liberal Nationals today announced the third part of the Local Business Action Plan to make Victoria the small business capital of the nation, with a […]
30 Apr 2021
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Liberal Nationals plan to back small businesses and sole traders

An O’Brien Liberal Nationals Government will ensure Victoria is once again the small businesses capital of the nation, with a $400 million boost to support Victoria’s […]
29 Apr 2021

Labor’s fantasy quarantine facility – no funding, no timeline, no clue

Today’s farcical announcement of a new site for COVID-19 quarantine site in Mickleham comes despite a complete lack of secured funding and a decision on whether […]
28 Apr 2021

Liberal Nationals plan to make Victoria the small businesses capital of the nation

Victorian jobs will be the centrepiece of an elected O’Brien Liberal Nationals Government with the announcement of the biggest reform to payroll tax in a generation.   […]