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Staying grounded and true to the community’s values through praise and adversity alike is one of my core qualities. And t is essential for a true collaboration that leads to improvement for everyone.

What I do in the Parliament and in the electorate is not limited to what appears in the media or on the Parliamentary records. Much of my work is in collaboration with Ministers, parliamentary colleagues and department heads designed to provide outcomes and solutions, not simply media grabs

05 Mar 2021

Andrews’ desire to be liked on Facebook costs taxpayers

Victorian taxpayers have forked out more than $770,000 to pay for Daniel Andrews’ Facebook advertising. It has been revealed in Public Accounts and Estimates (PAEC) hearings, […]
03 Mar 2021

Regional Victorians still in a State of Uncertainty

Regional Victorians won’t be spared the emotional, social and financial pain of future lockdowns, even if cases are confined to Melbourne. Crossbench MP Fiona Patten, who […]
03 Mar 2021
Benambra’s natural environment is one of its greatest assets – a driver of tourism, industry and attraction. For questions and concerns regarding our policies on environment, please get in touch with Bill Tilley's team.

Nazi swastika must be banned

The Victorian Liberal Nationals welcome the recommendation from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Victoria’s Anti-Vilification Protections to establish a ban on the public display of the Nazi […]
02 Mar 2021
Royal Commission report must deliver action for mental health | Bill Tilley

Royal Commission report must deliver action for mental health

For the tens of thousands of Victorians struggling with their mental health, today’s release of the Royal Commission into Mental Health’s final report is not the end, it is only the beginning. Read on.
24 Feb 2021
Farmers bogged down in green tape, as Labor pats itself on the back | Bill Tilley

Farmers bogged down in green tape, as Labor pats itself on the back

Any move to reclassify sheep, cow and chicken manure as industrial waste will bog Victorian farmers down in more unnecessary green tape. Read on.
23 Feb 2021
Lockdown powers causing chaos and despair | Bill Tilley

Lockdown powers causing chaos and despair

Victorian Labor Government demanded a blank cheque, a free pass, to extraordinary powers that they say are needed to deal with COVID-19. Read on.
22 Feb 2021

We need some common sense on ANZAC Day parade bans

With news the decision cancel March’s Moomba festival has been overturned after intervention from the State Government, the Victorian Liberal Nationals are calling for a re-think on the cancellation of the ANZAC Day march in late April. Read on.
21 Feb 2021
Paltry funds no confidence boost for small business | Bill Tilley

Paltry funds no confidence boost for small business

The Andrews Labor Government has made an art form out of major cost blow outs, so why do they suddenly become Scrooge when it comes to backing small business? Read on.
20 Feb 2021
Liberal Nationals call for the release of all audits of Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine facilities | Bill Tilley

10 weeks, no charge – Andrews’ hotel quarantine in shambles

Confirmation that not a single invoice has been issued to Victorian returned travellers is the latest failure of Daniel Andrews’ botched hotel quarantine program. Read on.