Northeast Victoria Needs
Better Roads,
Not Lower Speed Limits.

The Andrew Labor Government should put funds into country road infrastructure improvements instead of demanding drivers slow down.

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A policy being considered at present by the Andrews Labor Government would see the speed limit for country roads reduced from 100kph to 80kph to “improve road safety”. This Policy has been lazily conceived and barely disguises the contempt these law makers hold towards country drivers.

Being a regional area, travel times for drivers within Northeast Victoria would increase substantially if this policy were to be enforced, and negatively impact the current quality of life. We are lobbying to maintain 100kph speed limit.


Labor continues to allocate funds for city infrastructure while critical country road projects go unattended and overdue. The policy places the bulk of the burden of road safety on the shoulders of country drivers.


We don’t need a new policy to lower the speed limit. What is required are better roads, particularly at a time when more people are calling the North East home.

This policy affects us in many ways.

  • Travel time will increase by at least 20%
  • People living on the country side are car reliant; public transport is unavailable to people from this district
  • Activities like sports, education, and work rely on private transport; the speed limit has direct negative impact on quality of life
  • In a time when we should be encouraging Australians to move to the country, policies like this may otherwise dissuade them.

We’re asking the Andrews Labor Government for safer roads not slower roads and we can only do it with your help.

Help us appeal this policy and instead seek equitable allocation of state budgets for critical infrastructure upgrades on country roads. This should be to a standard that is both safe and will put our region on the front foot because the future needs of our region’s growing community and economy. Don’t make country drivers shoulder the burden of the Andrews Labor Government’s failing when it comes to managing roads in North East Victoria.

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