27 Feb 2024

Extreme fire day highlights more support for CFA needed

Despite claims of support for the thousands of CFA volunteers ahead of this month’s second catastrophic fire day, numbers of fire ready volunteers continues to decline.   […]
26 Feb 2024

Talk about Wild Dogs

Bill Tilley fears laws designed to protect livestock from wild dogs will be scrapped and promised consultation with people in the Upper Murray nothing but lip […]
22 Feb 2024

River access and camping left to rot

The state of public camping spots along the Murray River are a disgrace — driving away families and tourists, says Member for Benambra Bill Tilley. Member […]
09 Feb 2024

Labor wastes money on SEC branded yoyos and mugs as power bills soar

As Victorians struggle to pay record power bills, the Allan Government has wasted nearly $400,000 on SEC branded merchandise including yoyos and coffee mugs. New documents […]
06 Feb 2024

Victorians to pay the price of Labor’s Health Tax

Victorians visiting their local GP will face a 30 per cent increase in out-of-pocket costs, a new report into the impact of Labor’s Health Tax has […]
02 Feb 2024

Roadside neglect another Labor fail

New figures reveal the ongoing extent of the Allan Labor Government’s neglect of Victorian roads, with less than 0.1 per cent of roadsides graded last year. […]
31 Jan 2024

Victoria’s MICA service in crisis under Labor

Victoria’s specialist mobile intensive care ambulance (MICA) service has plunged into crisis with revelations of a new operating model that will cut single responder units and […]
30 Jan 2024

Duck call a long overdue win for common sense

Common sense has prevailed in a win for thousands of duck harvesters throughout Victoria. A biased and stacked Inquiry which recommended the end of duck harvesting […]
26 Jan 2024

Labor hides true state of teacher shortage crisis

The Allan Government is refusing to release key documents relating to Victoria’s teacher shortage crisis, as almost 800 advertised positions remain unfilled just days from the […]

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