Bill Tilley

About Bill

We often don’t know where our paths lead us. This was definitely true for me as an elected Member of Parliament since the 2006 Victorian State election.

However, my journey started earlier, as the son of a Defence Force member. My father’s career enabled me to live in many different places in Australia and appreciate the true beauty of each area.

Later on in my life, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and join the Defence Force myself, at just 17-years-old. And my first experience of Benambra was a post with the Royal Australian Army Military Police in 1983 in Bandiana. It was then as a teenager that I knew where my home would be in the future.

I decided then that no matter where life would take me, I would one day return to the Benambra district. For good.

That moment came in 1995 when I seized the opportunity to change careers and decided to join the Victorian Police force.

Constantly challenging myself, my skills, and strongly focusing on my belief that safe communities pave the way for a healthier lifestyle for all, I enhanced my involvement in all aspects of the community.

My work with the Army and Victoria Police taught me the importance of hard work and reward for effort and an appreciation for diversity.

All this time, I held onto a strong desire to develop and enrich communities for the future. And I also understood that entering politics was the next logical step. By doing so, I would go on to bridge the gap between the local community and the ruling Parliament members, by being the strong and parochial voice Benambra needed in the Legislative Assembly.

Member for Benambra

So far, my efforts have yielded results in:

  • The sealing of the Omeo Highway
  • Advocating for Wodonga Senior Secondary College to be redeveloped
  • The building of the new Belvoir Specialist School
  • The building of the Eskdale DEPI depot
  • Funding for Benambra’s recreational facilities

My accomplishments during my term in government from 2010 – 2014:

  • I secured over $135 million in built and social infrastructure, above and beyond government operating costs.
  • I advocates for the funding and development of an improved Wodonga Emergency Department to modernize and improve efficiencies in service delivery.

And my work does not stop there! Benambra’s considerable agricultural offer is also leading me to support farmers. The addition of Rutherglen into my electorate in 2014, created the opportunity for close collaboration with the then Coalition Government announcing an Inbound Super Trade Mission in 2015, which assisted in Rutherglen’s exposure on the international wine market.

The Benambra District has seen over the years that two of my main qualities are my eagerness to listen and my strength to speak! Consulting, advocating, and helping local small businesses – the drive of the Benambra District – is the path for growth and economic stability.

Supporting all community-bonding activities, I have always been involved in sports and recreational pursuits, including my passion for fishing in the local waterways and playing golf. Leading by example, I consider sports a gateway for a healthy lifestyle and a bridge for social activities.

Benambra’s geographical and historical heritage has always been one of my priorities. I am constantly pursuing the protection of the environment, and one of the dearest matters to me is the protection of the Australian brumbies. Strong efforts are being made by my entire team to maintain their presence, legacy, and tie to the Victorian Alps.

Everything above is just a mere glimpse at the work performed by my office to help YOU!

Whether you are a child, student, farmer, blue-collar worker, or corporate professional, my plan for Benambra ensures your needs are met. Through progressive infrastructure development, a strong economy, healthcare access, and high-quality education, Benambra can remain the pride of its citizens.

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