Fixing country roads will save more lives

The reduced road toll for 2018 is a credit to Victorian motorists and police, says Shadow Minister for Rural Roads Roma Britnell.

Violent crime continues to rise under Labor

Today's release of crime statistics for the year ending 30 September 2018 shows that violent crime continues to increase to record levels, says Shadow Minister for Community Safety David Southwick.

Lib Nats to introduce skin cancer check program

AN elected Liberal Nationals government will partner with the Lions Clubs Districts of Victoria to provide mobile skin cancer checks in Victoria.

Get Back in Control: The First 100 Days

An elected majority Liberal Nationals Government will get to work first thing on Sunday morning to deliver on our plan to get back in control of cost of living, crime and congestion.

Dedicated unit to fast-track deportation of foreign criminals

CITIZENS of foreign countries who are given the opportunity to live and work in Australia enter a contract with the community that they will obey our laws and contribute to society.

Keeping holidaymakers safe

Victoria has some of the best holiday locations in the world. From the beaches of Lorne, Apollo Bay and Torquay, to the lakes of Gippsland. From the beautiful Murray River, to the snowfields at Falls Creek -- Victoria has it all.

Discounts on energy-efficient fridges and TVs

A Liberal Nationals Government will offer discounts of 40% for new energy-efficient fridges and 50% for new energy-efficient TVs, for up to 85,000 low income households.

Liberal Nationals grants funding for local RSLs

The Liberal Nationals will continue to respect and honour Victorians who have served our country at home and overseas.

Our plan for better fishing for all Victorians

Recreational fishers and boaters will benefit from an enhanced fish stocking program and better access to Victorian fisheries, under an elected Liberal Nationals Government.

More power supply, lower power prices

With the cost of power now out of control, a Liberal Nationals Government will facilitate the construction of a new Victorian power station of at least 500MW to cut the cost of soaring electricity prices.

Liberal Nationals will rescue community fruit fly program

Victoria's community fruit fly control programs will get an urgent $1 million lifeline under a Liberal Nationals Government, says Shadow Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh.