Referral to IBAC of Labor’s taxpayer-funded ads

The Victorian Liberal Nationals are referring four departmental secretaries to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) for potential breaches of Section 97C of the Public Administration Act.

Activists or not – break the law, face the consequences

Victorian farmers should be able to go to work without fear of harassment, intimidation or threats against them, their family or their business, says Shadow Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh.

No ‘fair go’ for timber jobs under Labor

When Daniel Andrews claimed at a union rally in Melbourne yesterday that workers should get ‘a fair go’ he clearly didn’t mean all workers.

Jobs for the boys — mostly the Premier

The latest Victorian Public Sector Commission report, State of the Public Service Victoria, shows that Daniel Andrews has created two Victorias with a huge growth in public servants in Melbourne but precious little for regional Victoria.

CFA volunteer fitness test unworkable: expert

The President of the College of General Practitioners, Dr Harry Nespolon has slammed the proposed fitness test for CFA volunteers as “unworkable”.

Labor’s price hikes have less, not more, Victorians fishing

Reports show the Andrews Government’s Target One Million program just isn’t working, says Shadow Minister for Fishing and Boating Tim Bull.

Andrews on standby as country Victoria struggles for growth

Daniel Andrews’ Melbourne-centric agenda is strangling growth in country communities with figures showing a shocking decline in Regional Victoria’s population.

Shocking new electricity charges spark consumer concerns

Victorian households will be shocked to receive their new power bills which now feature a new itemised charge for ‘off-setting’ the costs of ‘sourcing’ alternative power to meet demand.

Everyone but Labor acting to fix rural roads

The Liberal Nationals are committed to making sure that country Victorians get their fair share of roads funding not lip service.

Mental health crisis under Labor’s watch

A damning report from the Auditor-General has confirmed Victoria’s mental health system is in crisis, says Shadow Minister for Health Emma Kealy.

Water for farmers, not speculators

Water coming on to the market should be reserved for purchase only by irrigators, says Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan.

Country drivers pay for Labor’s Transurban deal

Country motorists can’t get local pot holes fixed, but Daniel Andrews is shamelessly forcing them to pay for his West Gate Tunnel deal.