Liberal Nationals to introduce bin tax transparency clause

The Liberal Nationals want to introduce a transparency clause into rates notices across the state that would see Councils have to itemise the costs of its rubbish collection and services.

Labor’s billion dollar bin tax cash grab

Labor’s Environment Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, has announced yet another massive tax hike that will hit the hip pockets of hardworking Victorians.

Industry already clear on freight rail priorities

Melissa Horne doesn’t need to establish yet another working group to find out industry’s priorities for rail freight – because the industry has already told her what its priorities are:

Teachers failing basic literacy & numeracy

Revelations that 1 in 10 graduate teachers are failing to pass a basic literacy and numeracy test are deeply concerning for parents and the educational outcomes of Victorian students.

Labor must support Liberal Nationals “Move-on Laws” push

The Victorian Liberal Nationals second read the Summary Offences Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2019 Private Members’ Bill, which will restore and strengthen the Move-on laws repealed by Daniel Andrews in 2015.

Labor’s “Justice Bill” a win for Labor law firms, not vulnerable Victorians

The Liberal Nationals will vote against Labor’s Bill to allow lawyers to charge their clients success fees if this flawed Bill is not withdrawn and redrafted.

Massive blowouts in surgery and ambulance wait times under Labor

Ambulance response times are getting longer for Victorians and hospital elective surgery continue to get worse.

Liberal Nationals act to crack down on dangerous drivers 

Yesterday, the Victorian Liberal Nationals moved a house amendment to the Road Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, to crack down on hoon and dangerous drivers.

Daniel Andrews gets another failing report card

The Report on Government Services released today is another nail in the coffin of Andrews’ claim that he has saved TAFE.

Labor must come clean on koala crisis

Reports of dozens of dead, injured and dying koalas at a harvested blue gum plantation at Cape Bridgewater are extremely distressing, says Shadow Minister for the Environment David Morris.

Labor fails school software rollout

The Andrews Labor Government has once again failed to successfully roll out a computer system, this time in Victorian schools.

Cross-party inquiry into Victorian devastating bushfires needed

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will move to establish a Joint House Select Committee Inquiry into Bushfire Preparation and Response in Victoria.