Youth justice … do you want anchovies with that?

IT seems the Andrews Labor Government is so incapable of managing youth justice that they’ve outsourced it to Dominos, says Shadow Minister for Families and Children Georgie Crozier.

We need to ease the squeeze on Melbourne

THIS week's ABS figures show that Victoria is Australia’s fastest growing state with 84.7% of growth occurring in the Greater Melbourne Area, says the Coalition's Population Taskforce Chair Tim Smith.

Labor protecting wild dogs, not farmers

AGRICULTURE Minister Jaala Pulford has failed to explain in Parliament why she appointed not one but two dingo conservationists to her long overdue Wild Dog Control Advisory Committee.

Liberal Nationals to introduce legislation to create a new offence of ramming a police vehicle

The Liberal Nationals yesterday introduced legislation into parliament to create a new offence of ramming a police vehicle which will provide a two-year statutory minimum and 10-year maximum jail term to be served cumulatively, not concurrently

Tax Bill amendments to help regional and rural councils

THE Coalition are proposing a number of amendments to the State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2017 in the Legislative Council today.

Daniel Andrews: fighting terrorism with more reviews

We need action and tougher laws to fight terrorism not another review, says Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto.

The Liberal Nationals have a three point plan to fix bail. Daniel Andrews defends the status quo.

HOW many more of these violent incidents does Daniel Andrews need before he admits the bail system is broken?, asks Liberal leader Matthew Guy.

Heyfield mill closure to begin early

AUSTRALIAN Sustainable Hardwoods has announced today it will close its Heyfield mill earlier than planned.

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill

THE Liberal Nationals are considering the recommendations of the committee’s report into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill (2017) which was released last week, says Shadow Transport Minister David Hodgett.

Drug crime rising under Labor

Daniel Andrews’ Ice Action plan is a $184 million dud, says Shadow Minister for Mental Health Emma Kealy.

Pulford puts head in sand on impact of CFA change on country

REGIONAL Development Minister Jaala Pulford has shamefully refused to answer questions in Parliament on the Victorian Government’s plan, announced on Friday, to disaggregate the CFA and create a union dominated paid fire authority, says Shadow Minister for Local

Liberal Nationals will campaign to protect the CFA

It is Liberal Nationals policy to respect our CFA volunteers and not break up the CFA says Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin.