Blanket speed limit reductions not the answer to reducing the road toll

A proposal for a default speed limit reduction on country roads from 100 km/h to 80 km/h is a cheap and easy option to try and reduce the road toll, says Shadow Minister for Rural Roads Roma Britnell.

Online quiz will not stop motorcyclists dying

Does Daniel Andrews really think that an online test will save the lives of motorcyclists on Victorian roads, asks Shadow Minister for Rural Roads Roma Britnell.

Time for Daniel Andrews to put up or shut up on education funding

After years of playing politics with school funding, the Andrews Labor Government has now signed a bilateral agreement on quality schools reform with the Commonwealth, says Shadow Minister for Education Cindy McLeish.

Drugs crisis getting worse, not better: ACIC

Victoria's drugs crisis continues to worsen, according to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, says Shadow Minister Mental Health Emma Kealy.

Local Government Bill Reform Paper

The announcement of the Local Government Bill Reform Paper provides an important opportunity for bi-partisanship in improving local decision making in Victoria, says Shadow Minister for Local Government Tim Smith.

Labor not putting locals first

Rural and regional communities will play second fiddle to big ticket projects under an Andrews Government decision to focus regional funds “towards larger projects”.

Money for fixing country roads being used to fix wire rope barriers

Money that should be used to fix potholes, crumbling road shoulders and cut roadside grass is being diverted to repair damaged wire rope barriers it has been revealed, says Shadow Minister for Rural Roads Roma Britnell.

Recycling crisis: no leadership from Daniel Andrews and Labor

In a damning Auditor General’s report on Victoria’s recycling sector the Auditor General last week reported a lack of leadership in waste management and the absence of accurate data to “…understand the nature and volume of the state’s waste, what becomes of collected


In ‘not breaking news’, it’s been revealed that the Andrews Labor Government is overseeing another budget blowout, this time on the Metro Tunnel.

Daniel Andrews rams CFA attack Bill through Lower House

AFTER four years of relentless attacks against the CFA’s tens of thousands of volunteers, Daniel Andrews has rammed legislation that rips apart the CFA through the Lower House of Parliament, putting the lives and safety of Victorians at risk.

Labor cuts kids flu vaccine

In Question Time in Parliament this week, Health Minister Jenny Mikakos refused to commit that funding will be made available to continue to provide free flu vaccines for children.