Time to come clean on Quarantine fiasco

The Hotel Quarantine Board of Inquiry Chairperson, Jennifer Coate has has confirmed the Inquiry is not a court and recognised what the community has known all along, there is nothing stopping Daniel Andrews, Jenny Mikakos, Martin Pakula and Lisa Neville from giving full, honest

The time is up for deliberate COVID-19 spreaders

Reports that more than 800 of the more than 3,000 people that have tested positive to COVID-19 and should have been quarantined at home but were not when doorknocked is simply not good enough.

Daniel Andrews disconnected from Victorians’ power bill pain

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws, reveal the real cost of Daniel Andrews’ failed energy policies.

Botched department merger ends in tears

Today’s report in the Herald Sun confirms something again that everybody knows – the Andrews Labor Government is incapable of managing Victoria’s road network.

Labor fails to protect frontline health workers

Victorian doctors aren’t being supplied adequate protective equipment and are being forced to steal masks or buy their own, according to reports today.

Labor leaves schools and childcare centres to fend for themselves

Schools and childcare centres are being left in the dark when it comes to knowing exactly what to do when they are presented with a COVID-19 case.  The Liberal Nationals are calling on the government to provide a dedicated COVID-19 hotline to provide resources for them during

Statement from Shadow Minister for Police on metropolitan checkpoint breach

The apparent breach of a Victoria Police checkpoint around metropolitan Melbourne presents a clear threat to the health and safety of the community.

Contact tracing failures putting lives at risk

It’s no wonder Victorians are feeling let down by the Andrews Labor Government when it continually fails to get the basics right.

Resources Minister finally realises gas is good for economy and environment

Gas exploration has yesterday been given the go ahead in state waters near Portland and Port Campbell, with Resources Minister Jaclyn Symes finally granting permits to Beach Energy and

Time to introduce laws against the deliberate spread of COVID-19

The Liberal Nationals are calling for new laws to crack down on people deliberately spreading COVID-19.

Victorian Default Offer one year on: power prices continue to spiral out of control

Labor’s big idea to bring down energy prices, the Victorian Default Offer (VDO), came into effect more than 12 months ago.