What is Daniel Andrews’ plan to protect Victorian irrigators?

The Andrews Labor Government needs to take a clear position to the next meeting of Ministers on the Murray Darling Basin Plan to ensure the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) is not undermined.

Murray Basin Rail grinds to a halt under Labor

LABOR has derailed the critical Murray Basin Rail Project.

Labor’s plan for sport: take from the poor to give to the rich

DANIEL Andrews’ Sports Minister yesterday revealed Labor’s reverse Robin Hood plan for sports - take from the poor and give to the rich.

Parents should be entitled to choose their child’s school

VICTORIAN public school parents should be entitled to choose where their children go to school, says Shadow Education Minister Tim Smith.

Liberal Nationals’ paper plan to support Victorian jobs

AUSTRALIAN-made paper will fill the photocopiers and printers of state government departments under an elected Liberal Nationals government.

Supply of Flu Vaccines is “shot” for kids

AT 4.40pm on Friday the Department of Health and Human Services issued a Health Alert which outlined that the supply for Influenza Vaccine for 3-5 year-olds is out of stock and the vaccine for children under 3 there is limited availability.

Labor’s $51 million cost to avoid summer blackouts

REPORTS by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) confirm that only by spending $51 million of taxpayers’ money via the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) did Victoria avoid blackouts on 2 separate occasions over summer, says Shadow Minister for Energy and

Students and staff deserve truth of GOTAFE investigation

STUDENTS and staff at GOTAFE, that includes the Wangaratta campus, deserve to know the outcome of an investigation into alleged misused of taxpayer funds at the training organisation, says Shadow Minister for Training, Skills and Apprenticeships Steph Ryan.

Labor tells our sports clubs: Pay interest or get nothing

PAY interest or get nothing was the message from Treasurer Tim Pallas yesterday in Parliament to our grassroots sporting clubs.

More teachers, fewer fat cats, Mr Andrews

REPORTS that the Department of Education and Training employed more public servants in the past year than it did teachers, is another example of the Andrews government’s hopeless management of our education system.

Dan, don’t ban Thomas the Tank Engine

THERE are reports that Victorian councils are auditing libraries, schools and kindergartens with an aim of banning books that use the terms “boy” and “girl” in a bid to teach kids as young as three to have “gender equitable relationships”.

Labor’s North East Link fraud: Not $1 to build it

DANIEL Andrews’ fraud on Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs was exposed this week as Treasurer Tim Pallas admitted that there is not $1 in Labor’s budget to build the North East Link.