No plan, no money for Regional Victoria under Labor

Daniel Andrews’ latest State Budget confirms he is a Premier with no plan and no money for Regional Victoria, says Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria Peter Walsh.

The solar roller coaster continues

The Andrews Labor Government has created more uncertainty around their Solar Homes Package.

Training more drivers doesn’t fix old, unreliable trains

YESTERDAY the Andrews Government claimed that by training more VLine drivers Labor will “deliver more reliable services”.

Daniel Andrews must not knock back a free road

If Daniel Andrews knocks back the Morrison Government’s offer to pay for the East West Link at no cost to the Victorian Government, it will be only because partisan politics trumps public interest.

Why won’t Daniel Andrews support drought-stricken farmers?

Premier Daniel Andrews has failed to provide adequate support to drought-affected farmers and communities in Euroa.

Another new tax from the Premier who promised no new taxes

Reports that Daniel Andrews is planning on waving through a new, never-ending tax on every container imported through the Port of Melbourne is more evidence that Labor just can’t manage money.

Labor silent on water ownership

Lisa Neville has turned a blind eye for the past three years, claiming there’s “no real evidence” that competition from water speculators and investors has pushed up prices, while a

Labor hides report as training system is haemorrhaging regional students

The Labor Government’s belated release of the Training Market snapshot for 2017 shows a sector genuinely struggling as the government attempts to paper over the cracks. This decline is particularly pronounced in regional Victoria.

AEMO reports on Victoria’s record high electricity prices

The Australian Energy Market Operator's latest report Quarterly Energy Dynamics -- Q1 2019 shows that not only are Victorian electricity prices at record highs, but Victorians

Labor won’t rule out further cuts to timber availability

The Andrews Government has confirmed timber communities risk losing more jobs, refusing to confirm Labor will not further reduce the amount of timber available to industry.

Look at the whole picture to save lives on country roads

Another three people lost their lives on country roads last weekend. When compared to the same time last year, there has been an 85 per cent increase in deaths on country roads.

Labor’s false claims equal no new trains for country Victoria

It’s no wonder VLine recorded its worst performance in years last month, when the Public Transport Minister doesn’t know the detail of her own portfolio, says Shadow Minister for Regional Public Transport Steph Ryan.