Dan needs to chip in for roads

In a member's statement in parliament recently I raised the issue of the ongoing cost to councils of maintaining sealed and unsealed roads.

Members statement Murray Goulburn

I rise on behalf of the 150 workers at the Devondale Murray Goulburn plant at Kiewa who are now facing redundancy. This is a factory that traces its origins back to 1894 and has supported generations of workers. The decision comes after a tumultuous 12 months for the

OPINION: I drive a ute and I vote

AT the risk of repeating myself, I drive a Ford Ranger 4x4 ute. One of the best things about my Ranger is that it was designed and engineered in Victoria. Whilst the Australian car manufacturing industry is just about finished, it looks like the Australian car design and


On Tuesday, May 2 Daniel Andrews Labor Government will hand down its budget. We’d expect that, flush with cash from leasing the Port of Melbourne, it should include some of the outstanding projects in Benambra that have been overlooked in recent years.

Unlike some politicians, cars often deliver

I saw an Aston Martin the other day in the city. I like Aston Martins. They exude a sense of James Bondesque sophistication that many of us would like to emulate but we know we never will.

Coalition will publish school immunisation rates

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley MLA says the Coalition’s move to publish public school vaccination rates is a major win for parents in Benambra.

CFA war takes it’s toll

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley MLA says numbers released this week are just the tip of the iceberg in the fallout from the prolonged CFA dispute.