Auditor-General blows whistle on Labor’s financial mismanagement

Labor’s financial mismanagement has been blasted by the State’s Auditor-General in a report on Victoria’s finances, says Shadow Treasurer Louise Staley.

Our teachers are in short supply

There is an emerging crisis in education in Benambra.

Minister, Where are our trains?

My question to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure in the Victorian Parliament last week ...

Albury Wodonga Health roundtable

My speech in the Victorian Parliament on Thursday regarding the inaugural roundtable looking at the future of Albury-Wodonga Health and inviting the Victorian Heath Minister to

Like a deer in the

Comments provided to The Border Mail regarding the recent aerial deer cull and the report released by Parks Victoria ... in essence more than 130 deer were shot by the professional aerial marksman in just over 18 hours of aerial shooting time. 119 deer that were

Vale Colin Campbell

My speech in the Victorian Parliament on Tuesday in memory of a champion of our region -- Colin Campbell.

Health Roundtable on the table

Member for Albury, Justin Clancy, and Member for Benambra, Bill Tilley, are jointly convening a health roundtable to channel community focus into productive action for mental health services and facilities and for the future of our shared border

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Mayhem

My speech in the Victorian Parliament on Monday night on the outrageous delays with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Kangaroo trial extension skippy-ing the detail

The good news is that the kangaroo for pet food trial will continue, perhaps even expanded to include the North East.

Walwa Bush Nursing Centre needs urgent funding

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley fears for the future of Walwa’s Bush Nursing Centre as Labor continues to sit on its hands over funding shortfalls.