Mt Beauty Airport plan takes off

Bill Tilley says Mt Beauty Airport is well-placed to take advantage of aviation funding under a Liberal-Nationals Government.

Barkly Park $350,000 makeover under Coalition

Barkly Park will get a $350,000 makeover under a Matthew Guy Liberal Nationals Government, says member for Benambra Bill Tilley.

Budget needs to deliver

Tomorrow’s state budget looks at this stage to be a re-hash of old announcements, some motherhood promises to those of us outside Melbourne and almost a complete disregard for our needs in education, health, public transport and roads.

Wodonga Council fails to address Ombudsman concerns

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley fears Wodonga Council has learnt nothing from the damning report into its overcharging ratepayers almost $20 million.

Coalition promises $3M a year for Towong, Indigo and Alpine Council’s roads

AN elected Liberal Nationals government will fix country roads and save country lives.

Drop dunnies belong in the 1800s

A Liberal Nationals government would replace Middle Indigo Primary School’s long-drop toilets with modern amenities that better serve its students and its place as a community hub.


Member for Benambra Bill Tilley says moves to turn deer meat in to pet food is a boost for the North East’s economy and in the ongoing fight against feral pests.

Tilley backs local sporting clubs

A Liberal Nationals government will back country sporting clubs over pouring money into the richest sport in the nation, says Member for Benambra Bill Tilley.

New trains for the North East

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley says a Liberal Nationals government will give the North East the rail service it deserves with a $633 million investment to replace the ageing fleet of diesel hauled trains with new-generation, faster, long haul variants of the

Regional communities to host Parliament under Liberal Nationals

Communities in Regional Victoria would host Victorian Parliament for the first time since 2012, under an elected Liberal Nationals government.

Give the power to the people

Member for Benambra Bill Tilley is calling on the Victorian Government to intervene in the dispute that is stopping power being connected to new homes.

Coalition will appoint Cross-Border commissioner

Communities along Victoria’s state borders will benefit from the services of a dedicated Cross Border Commissioner under an elected Liberal Nationals government.