IT seems the Andrews Labor Government is so incapable of managing youth justice that they’ve outsourced it to Dominos, says Shadow Minister for Families and Children Georgie Crozier.

Criminals in jail are there as a punishment but under Daniel Andrews it seems it’s just a pizza and movie sleepover party.

Reports this week confirmed the Andrews Government has been bribing prison inmates during riots confirms the crisis within the youth justice system.

Comments attribubatl to Shadow Minister for Families and Children Georgie Crozier:

$15,000 has been spent on pizza, KFC and soft drinks as Daniel Andrews tries to spin and bribe his way out of the youth justice crisis he created.

Despite both the Minister and Daniel Andrews claiming in Parliament that pizzas were not being used to bribe rioting inmates, reports today prove otherwise.

There have been over 40 riots or serious incidents in youth justice centres under Daniel Andrews with over $72 million needed to be spent on repairs and fortification.

Daniel Andrews is delivering youth justice one pizza at a time complete with extra toppings and riots.


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