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Shadow Minister for Roads, Ryan Smith

Today’s announcement of significant delays to the Bolte Bridge and West Gate Freeway is more evidence that Daniel Andrews and Labor hate motorists.
The current interchange was signed off by Tim Pallas when he was Roads Minister in the last Labor Government. Tim Pallas’ absolute bungling of the Roads portfolio has now left a legacy of congestion, choke points and motorist frustration.
In 2008 Tim Pallas boasted the current interchange would remove “the knot” in the freeway and result in a “better flowing corridor”.
Labor’s announcement today of plans to fix Tim Pallas’ bungled mess will now even further congest our freeways and hit the wallets of motorists.
How can we expect the failed former Roads Minister Tim Pallas to manage Victoria’s finances when he can’t even get a road interchange right?
And is it any wonder that Victorians are cynical and suspicious every time Labor announces a new road project?

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