THE Liberal Nationals have re-introduced move-on laws into the Upper House to ensure police have the powers they need to deal with disruptive protesters.

Extremist protesters have for months disrupted Melbourne’s CBD, blocking streets and causing mayhem for people just trying to go about their day.

Despite this Daniel Andrews has failed to act and give police the powers they need.

In the Lower House last week Daniel Andrews refused to allow the Liberal Nationals to introduce a law that would back police to deal with disruptive and extreme protesters.

In 2015, one of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to repeal Victoria’s Move-on Laws, leaving Victoria Police hamstrung in their ability to break-up dangerous protests and manage deliberately disruptive individuals.

The Summary Offences Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2019 will reintroduce key elements of Victoria’s Move-on Laws, including:

  • Reintroduce the reasons why a Move-on order may be given, including in relation to committing an offence in a public place, conduct causing a reasonable apprehension of violence in another person, causing undue obstruction to a person or traffic, or impeding a person from lawfully entering or leaving a premises.
  • Reinstate arrest powers for those in contravention of a Move-on order, and require recipients of Move-on orders to provide their name and address if requested.
  • Remove exceptions to Move-on orders relating to demonstrating or protesting a particular issue, or behaving in a way that is apparently intended to publicise the person’s view about a particular issue.

These Move-on Laws will also include strengthened exclusion orders, where an exclusion order must be sought by Victoria Police if the arrest was made in relation to a known, ongoing protest or demonstration.

The Liberal Nationals remain committed to ensuring that police have the powers they need to ensure Victorians can go about their day.


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, David Southwick:

“We support the right to protest but no one has the right to shut down the CBD and create chaos.”

“One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to repeal Victoria’s move-on laws, stripping police of the powers they need deal with disruptive protests.

“In 2015, Daniel Andrews repealed Victoria’s Move-on Laws, leaving Victoria Police without the tools they need to promptly and effectively break-up dangerous protests.

“Labor’s slap on the wrist punishments are a green light to those who want to disrupt the daily lives of others and place the community’s safety at risk."


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