Victorian household budgets will come under more stress as Daniel Andrews’ increased charges come into play this year.

From January 1, the train ride to work for Melbourne commuters is a whole lot more expensive as myki charges increase, adding on average $48 per year.

Regional passengers face even steeper fare increases across the whole V/Line network. Commuters from Traralgon will pay an additional $153.60 per year. Bendigo commuters $144 extra per year, Ballarat $105.60 per year and Geelong $57.60 per year. Seymour commuters face a $105.60 annual increase.


Unfortunately many families will have to reconsider their need to use day-to-day appliances like the dishwasher or even lights as the average household will be slugged with an additional $110 on their electricity bill.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, Victorians are being forced to pay more for less reliable electricity. Victorians will now be able to see the true cost of Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement of Victoria’s energy supply.

Picking up a loved one from the airport via CityLink will become a more expensive trip as CityLink tolls increase by 4.25 per cent by the end of the 2020.

And a trip into the city will be more expensive too as Daniel Andrews’ congestion tax rises by $20 per year, increasing parking costs in Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs.

Despite promising no new taxes when elected, Daniel Andrews has punished Victorians with 25 new or increased taxes.

Daniel Andrews has maxed out the state’s credit card, and when he runs out of money, he comes after yours.



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