DANIEL Andrews and Labor have lost control of the CFA dispute allowing cancer rights for firefighters to be used by his government as a political tool.

Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals will get back in control of the CFA dispute and protect the rights of our hardworking firefighters.

A Liberal Nationals Government will introduce a Presumptive Legislation Bill in the first parliamentary sitting week of 2019, if elected this November. The bill will ensure all career and volunteer firefighters have fair and timely access to cancer compensation.

The Liberal Nationals’ presumptive legislation will cover the 12 specified diseases consistent with the legislation previously introduced in Parliament.

Labor lied to firefighters when they promised this vital piece of legislation would be introduced within 100 days of the 2014 state election. When Labor finally introduced their proposed laws they discriminated against volunteer firefighters who were not covered. Labor also tied cancer compensation to reforms to destroy the CFA.

Victoria is currently the only state in Australia that doesn’t offer cancer presumptive rights compensation to volunteer firefighters. Only a Liberal Nationals Government will introduce presumptive rights for all firefighters, including volunteers.

Daniel Andrews who is committed to handing control of the CFA to his union mates has put the lives of firefighters at risk.

A Liberal Nationals Government will ensure all of our firefighters and cancer sufferers in the fire service are protected regardless of whether they are career or volunteer.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

“I will get back in control of the CFA dispute and protect our firefighters who risk their lives to keep us safe.

"Unlike Daniel Andrews I will not discriminate between career and volunteer firefighters.

"Each and every day, our CFA volunteers leave their families to fight fires, saves lives and keep us safe. The Liberal Nationals will protect those who protect us.”



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