Yesterday marked the first day of the Andrews Labor Government’s secret deal to increase tolls on CityLink to fund a different road – the West Gate Tunnel, says Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure David Davis.

Under the Andrews Labor Government’s Transurban deal, daily CityLink motorists will pay up to $87,060 in extra tolls until 2045, all to pay for a tunnel we may never use.

Victoria’s Parliamentary Budget Office investigated the West Gate Tunnel Project and CityLink tolls estimating that the deal struck by the Andrews Labor Government with Transurban will cost motorists an extra $37.3 billion in tolls.

The person who signed the contract, Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas, was also exposed as being a shareholder in Transurban.

These extra tolls will not only hurt motorists but they will also impact on small and large businesses with greater freight costs that will be passed onto every Victorian consumer.

It marks the start of a terrible deal for Victorian motorists but a gold mine for Transurban.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“Because Labor can’t manage money, CityLink users will pay up to $87,060 in extra tolls until 2045.

"Labor has brokered a great deal for Transurban shareholders at the expense of ordinary Victorians.”



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