REPORTS this week that a person suffering from acute appendicitis was taken to hospital in a taxi instead of an ambulance, shows Daniel Andrews and Jill Hennessy continue to disguise ambulance response times, says Shadow Health Minister Mary Wooldridge.

Daniel Andrews has downgraded the categorisation of over 300 case types so they no longer receive a Code 1 emergency ambulance and has constantly refused to be open and transparent about the changes and their significant impact on Victorians.

Three PAEC inquiries and an order from the Victorian Freedom of Information Commissioner have forced the Government into revealing exactly what led to 63,170 fewer Victorians receiving a Code 1 response last year.

Victorians continue to fall through the cracks when it comes to getting the urgent medical care they need and Daniel Andrews and Jill Hennessy are complicit in disguising the extent of the problem.

Our paramedics do great work but at the other end of the patient transfer at hospital emergency departments, ramping and bypass also remain systemic issues the Government has failed to address.


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