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Georgie Crozier, Shadow Minister for Families and Children


The office of the Commission for Children and Young People was established by the former Coalition Government in 2012.

The Commission commenced operations in March 2013 on the basis of legislation passed by the Coalition.

Today’s report includes data and references to actions by the Victorian Government up until last month, July 2015.

The Coalition Government invested more than $1 billion towards helping vulnerable children and families.

Comments attributable to Georgie Crozier, Shadow Minister for Families and Children

"These are heart-breaking stories and the Coalition will support efforts to urgently address the changes required with a month by month report on progress.

"The safety and well-being of these children has to be the top priority and we urge the Victorian Government to work with the Commission to act on these findings.

“These important findings were made possible because it was the former Coalition Government which established the Commission to investigate these very matters.”

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