REPORTS this week confirm the worst: Daniel Andrews has a secret deal with the Greens and Regional Victoria will suffer for it.

Acting Leader of the Greens Ellen Sandell let the cat out of the bag on plans to form a Labor Greens Government when interviewed on the nightly news.

A Labor Greens Government will axe timber jobs to create the Great Forest National Park, restrict recreational access to our public lands and make it harder for our farmers to run their businesses.

If Labor and the Greens win, Regional Victorians lose.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government has a plan to grow our whole state – not just Melbourne – to invest in our regional rail network and to boost our regional economies by cutting red tape and making it easier to do business in Regional Victoria.

The only thing worse for Regional Victoria than another four years of Daniel Andrews’ city-centric Labor Government is a city-centric Labor Government beholden to the whims of the Greens.

The choice is clear. Regional Victorians can’t afford a Labor Greens Government.


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