THE Transport Infrastructure Minister’s troubled management of the West Gate Tunnel continues to plague the Andrews Labor Government as workers are laid off.

The workers are to be laid off due to issues with contaminated soil on the site.

Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure David Davis said it is time that Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan came clean on a number of questions facing many Victorians.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“Jacinta Allan and Daniel Andrews have botched this project. They should have known that there were issues with soil contamination given the construction is occurring in and around former industrial sites.

“There were warnings as the Environmental Effects Statement proceeded.

“The Government needs to face up to the workers who have been laid off and tell them the truth.

“There’s one thing Victorians do know and it’s that Daniel Andrews can’t manage money and can’t manage projects.

“This Labor Government cannot be allowed to cut a special deal with its Transurban mates to dilute or weaken safety standards around contaminated soil.”

Questions for the Labor Government:

  • When did the Minister become aware of soil contamination on the project?
  • Will the Minister provide a guarantee that no changes will be made to current rules that protect community safety?
  • Why are commuters on CityLink paying increased tolls now for a project that may be delayed?
  • Given soil contamination in Melbourne’s industrial west was not unexpected and the EES process flagged these risks, why did the Government not ensure a solution for contaminated soil before proceeding?
  • How much contaminated soil has been removed to date and where is it stored?
  • What are the Government’s long term plans for the enormous volume of contaminated soil likely to be removed?
  • What risks exist for local residents with the truck movement of contaminated soil through and around the inner-west?
  • Has the Government briefed local residents on the associated risks of contaminated soil and its movements?
  • Will toll increases be put on hold if there is a delay to the project?
  • What arrangements are being made for displaced workers?



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