Victorian Parliament will today debate the Liberal Nationals’ motion to fix farm trespass laws.

Our farmers are the backbone of the Victorian economy, but their critical work producing our state’s food and fibre is being relentlessly attacked by law-breaking activists who don’t care about the damage they’re inflicting on ethical, responsible farmers who comply with high environmental and social standards.

Extreme activists have shown they are determined to go to any lengths to destroy Victoria’s agriculture sector, trespassing on farms, stealing livestock and threatening and harassing farm families and farm businesses to the point that some, like Yarragon’s Gippy Goat Café, have been forced to close.

The Nationals’ Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath will lead debate on the Liberal Nationals’ motion in the Upper House of State Parliament today:

61 MS BATH — To move —

That this House requires the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to inquire into, consider and report, by Thursday, 19 September 2019, on the effectiveness of Victoria’s current legislation in terms of deterrent, penalty and remedy for illegal, on-farm animal activist activity, and in particular, the Committee should —

(1) consider —

(a) the illegal activity of animal activists on Victorian farms;

(b) illegal farm activists’ compliance with Victoria’s stringent animal welfare laws;

(c) the appropriateness of Victoria’s trespass, biosecurity, surveillance, privacy and nuisance laws;

(2) analyse the approach of other jurisdictions in Australia and internationally;

(3) consult with relevant stakeholders; and

(4) provide recommendations on how Victoria’s laws could be improved to protect farmers’ privacy, businesses and the integrity of Victoria’s biosecurity regime.


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