REPORTS that James Merlino will mandate that public school councils must have at least one student representative won’t improve standards and outcomes and definitely won’t help a single Victorian student get a better job, says Shadow Minister for Education Tim Smith.

Let teachers teach, let kids be kids.

The Andrews Government’s only priority in education should be to improve education standards.

Instead, they are obsessed with turning our schools into a post-modernist nirvana.

Daniel Andrews is receiving billions of extra dollars from the federal government for schools and yet standards and outcomes are going backwards under his watch and it’s little wonder if they think putting student representatives on school councils is the answer.

Daniel Andrews thinks schools are for politics, we believe schools are about helping our youth to get good jobs.

James Merlino is a part-time education minister.  He has already made a mess of Victoria’s emergency services and now Daniel Andrews should remove him from the education portfolio before he makes a total mess of that too.


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