North East train commuters have every right to be sick of the Andrews Government’s games over new trains for the north east line, says Shadow Minister for Regional Transport Steph Ryan.

In State Parliament today, Labor’s Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan followed her colleague, the Regional Development Minister, in stating that the north east line is getting new trains.

The admission by Ms Allan that the Andrews Government has finally agreed to buy new trains for the north-east line is a huge win for local communities, after years of lobbying.

I was pleased Ms Allan recognised my North East colleagues relentless advocacy on behalf of our constituents to secure these much-needed new trains, but what we really need is full details on exactly what and when the Andrews Government is going to deliver.

It’s hard to trust the government when budget papers and Labor’s pre-election commitment to new rolling stock made it clear that all of these trains were bound for the Geelong and Ballarat lines.

Despite Ms Allan saying new trains are destined for the north, it’s nearly two weeks since the State Budget and the Andrews Government still hasn’t given us any details.

We still don’t know how many of the new trains will be delivered for the north east line, how many carriages these trains will have and whether there will be the same number or more services for passengers.

And we need to know how many carriages these trains will have and whether the design includes a buffet service and room for luggage.

It’s concerning the government has refused to provide any of these details when the government’s commitment to new trains is not detailed in the budget.




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