Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, Ryan Smith

Today Daniel Andrews released statistics showing that Victoria was outperforming other states on number of international visitors.  This is something for which all Victorians have worked hard to achieve and for which we can all be proud.
It’s another reason why Melbourne needs the East West Link.
Tourists visiting Melbourne who exit off the Tulla at Flemington Road only to find themselves stuck in gridlock suburban traffic must think they have travelled back in time.
In ten more years this will be an even worse situation that will undermine Melbourne’s reputation as a world class city.
Former Labor premier John Brumby knew we need the East West Link, Melbourne motorists know we need the East West Link and Infrastructure Australian knows we need the East West Link.  The only ones pretending we don’t need the East West Link are Daniel Andrews and Labor who wasted $1.1 billion of taxpayer money tearing up the contract to build it.

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