VICTORIA'S crime tsunami is not only putting lives and personal safety at risk; it’s also costing Victorians millions of dollars in higher premiums, says Shadow Minister for Community Safety Edward O'Donohue.


Insurance industry figures show payouts from burglaries and car thefts in Victoria have soared to $164 million, which is resulting in higher premiums for households and small businesses.

Victorians are already struggling with cost of living pressures as a consequence of Daniel Andrews’ eleven new taxes and his decision to force the closure of Hazelwood power station which has seen electricity charges sky rocket, so the last thing they need is large hikes to insurance premiums due to the crime tsunami.

These industry figures also confirm that Victoria is now Australia’s crime capital.

The number of claims for ‘theft of or from motor vehicles’ in Victoria has shown a 61.73% increase in the two years, compared to a smaller increase in Queensland of 18% and an amazing  11.70% decrease in NSW.

Motor vehicle premiums in that period in Victoria have increased by 6.14% over the last two years.

The number of claims for domestic home contents for theft and burglary in Victoria has shown a 28.4% increase in the last two years, compared to a 9.2% increase in Queensland and a 2% increase in NSW.  Domestic premiums during that period in Victoria have increased by 7.3% over the last two years, compared to an increase of just 1.5% in Queensland and 3.4% in NSW.

Victorians will have a clear choice on law and order at the next election – more of the same with Daniel Andrews, or take back control with Matthew Guy’s plan for a safer Victoria with more police, mandatory sentencing and tougher bail and parole laws



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