Those on lower incomes are hit hardest by rising energy prices according to a report released by KPMG today, says Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources David Southwick.

Under Daniel Andrews, energy prices have skyrocketed since he forced the closure of Hazelwood power station, shutting off 22% of our state’s electricity supply.

Energy poverty has become a focal point in defining the haves and have-nots according to the report.

The report outlines that higher income earners can more easily afford energy saving measures such as higher energy rated products and solar panels using less energy from the grid. Lower income earners are not as lucky.


Comments attributable to David Southwick MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources:

“Victorians already struggling are being hardest hit by the reckless decisions of Daniel Andrews to drive up energy prices.

“The gap between the haves and have-nots is being widened by Daniel Andrews’ closure of Hazelwood and the withdrawal of 22% of Victoria’s energy supply.

“Daniel Andrews is so focussed on outdoing South Australia and winning Greens votes with his 40% VRET that he’s lost sight of what’s important to families and those on low incomes struggling to pay their energy bills.”


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