Daniel Andrews has been caught in a lie on drug injecting rooms. Again.

Shadow Minister for Country Health Emma Kealy said Daniel Andrews broke his promise not to establish a drug injecting room in Victoria.

"Then Daniel Andrews broke his promise that Ice use wouldn’t be permitted," she said.

"Now he has broken his promise to North Richmond parents and kids that his plans to set up a drug injecting room would put community safety first.

"Community members are furious to discover Daniel Andrews plans to set up the North Richmond drug injecting room next door to a primary school and forced the axing of local playgroups at North Richmond Community Health.

"There’s no such thing as a safe injecting room for deadly and dangerous drugs like heroin and Ice. It sends the wrong message to our kids and effectively says we’ve given up on preventing drug use."

The former Liberal Nationals government funded three residential rehabilitation facilities but Daniel Andrews cut funding for this critically important measure.

A better approach is helping addicts, putting more police on the beat and toughening up our laws to punish parasitic drug dealers and traffickers.


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