Shadow Attorney General, John Pesutto

The facts:

The Coalition passed legislation in mid-2014 to further tackle drink-drug driving.

The fines and conditions appear almost identical to today’s announcement, taking account of CPI adjustments on the fines.

Coalition announcement 1 May 2014:

Crackdown – huge fines for drink-drug drivers

“Victorians caught behind the wheel with a cocktail of alcohol and illicit drugs in their systems face hefty fines and other penalties....”

Labor announcement today:

Cracking Down On Drunk, Drugged Drivers

“The Andrews Labor Government is cracking down on some of Victoria’s most dangerous drivers who mix alcohol above the legal limit with illicit drugs and then get behind the wheel.”

First paragraph of the story in The Age 1 May 2014:

“Drivers caught behind the wheel while drunk and high could face huge fines of nearly $40,000 …”

First paragraph of the story in The Age today:

“Victorians caught driving with a potentially deadly mix of drugs and alcohol in their system will face fines of up to $41,000 …”

What Shadow Road Safety Minister Luke Donnellan told Parliament in 2014:

“The opposition supports the bill.”

Comments from the Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto:

“This is another embarrassing blunder by Daniel Andrews and his team.

“Last week they spent their time trying to re-announce Coalition level crossing projects as their own. Now they’ve switched to re-announcing Coalition road safety measures.

“This is a lazy government that’s already running out of ideas. Daniel Andrews and his team are Xerox-copying Coalition action plans because they’re just all talk and no action.”

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