Shadow Attorney General, John Pesutto

Daniel Andrews thinks transparent government is a joke and is treating Victorians with contempt.
In September 2015, the Opposition lodged a Freedom of Information request asking for the cost of all the chartered flights taken by Daniel Andrews.
It took the Andrews Labor Government until December 2015 to provide those documents – and when it did, they redacted every single flight cost as “irrelevant”.
More than two weeks ago now, the independent Freedom of Information Commissioner ruled that Daniel Andrews must release these documents in full, saying that there was a clear public interest.
Despite this clear ruling, Daniel Andrews still has not released the cost of all his private jet travel.
If Daniel Andrews is so determined to hide the cost of his private jets from the public, Victorians are right to wonder what else he is keeping secret.
Before the election, Daniel Andrews made a lot of noise about the importance of Freedom of Information.
Labor even made this an election issue, saying that an Andrews Labor Government would end the “secret state” and “open our doors to the public”, “no more hiding, no more excuses” was their promise.
At best Daniel Andrews is a rank hypocrite, at worst he is treating Victorians like mugs and breaking yet another election promise.

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