We need action and tougher laws to fight terrorism not another review, says Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto.


Daniel Andrews promises in press releases major changes but only delivers minor reforms that don’t go far enough.


We need a Premier who can deliver major reforms not just media spin.


Had Daniel Andrews just got on and implemented the reviews he already has on his desk, such as Callinan and Harper, Victoria would be a much safer place today.


Daniel Andrews has had the Harper review sitting on his desk since 2015 that he has failed to implement. How can Victorians have any confidence he will take action to fight terrorism when all he has done is commission another review.


Premier Daniel Andrews has weakened our justice system by watering down our bail laws and doing nothing to fix our parole system.


If Daniel Andrews wanted to tackle terrorism, he could start by following the Liberal Nationals lead of mandatory sentencing and deportation of non-citizens who commit repeat violent crimes in our country.


In the wake of the Brighton terror attack it was revealed that Daniel Andrews had failed to implement critical measures of the Callinan parole review that would have likely prevented the release of Yacqub Khayre from jail.


Measure 13 of the Callinan review states that prisoners should be disqualified from parole if they misbehave in the second half of their sentence. It has been reported that Yacqub Khayre committed arson in the second half of his term and therefore should have been disqualified from being released early.


We need to be tough to tackle extremism and only a Liberal Nationals Government will implement the strong reforms needed.


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