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Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto


What Daniel Andrews said when he launched the $20 million logo from the Melbourne Park tennis centre in August 2015:

“What we’ve unveiled today is more than Victoria’s brand. It’s Victoria’s story.”

This is about finding a new way to sell the many strengths of our state – not as pieces of some disparate puzzle, but as part of one big, clear vision of what we stand for and what we do.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto

Daniel Andrews has just wasted another $20 million of taxpayers’ money.

It is extraordinary that Daniel Andrews would spend $20 million on a new logo before checking that it could be used at Melbourne’s premier international sporting event, the Australian Open.

This is more evidence that Daniel Andrews spends first, asks questions later.

When Daniel Andrews launched this $20 million logo, he posed with it on the tennis court claiming that the new logo was going to be a ‘part of one big, clear vision of what we stand for and what we do’.  Once again, Daniel Andrews’ words have been found to be not worth the paper they are written on.

Daniel Andrews has served up a $20 million Double Fault on the taxpayers of Victoria.

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