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Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge MP

For all the talk and all the promises on cutting ambulance response times, today’s figures in the  Ambulance Victoria annual report reveal that Daniel Andrews has failed to deliver any significant reduction or improvement in the waiting times.

Proportion of emergency (Code 1) incidents responded to within 15 minutes – statewide
Target                                 85%
Result for 2014/15                74.3%
Result for 2013/14                73.7%

Proportion of emergency (Code 1) incidents responded to within 15 minutes in centres with more than 7,500 population
Target                                 90%
Result for 2014/15                79.9%
Result for 2013/14                78.5%

Ambulance Victoria 2014/15 annual report p. 38
Department of Health and Human Services 2014/15 annual report p. 41
Department of Health 2013/14 annual report pp. 184-185

What the government’s top ambulance official admitted in the annual report:

“… we are not meeting our response time targets.”
- Acting CEO (Ambulance Victoria annual report, p. 8)

What Daniel Andrews used to say about ambulance response times:

“Ambulance response times are worse than ever and people are dying.  Labor will end the ambulance crisis because nothing matters more than the health of our loved ones.”
Source:  Daniel Andrews media release, 24 November 2014

Quotes Attributed to Mary Wooldridge MP, Shadow Minister for Health:

These figures reveal that Daniel Andrews has failed on his promise to deliver significant reductions in ambulance response times.

Despite all the talk and all the promises, ambulance response times have not improved by any significant measure.

By Daniel Andrews’ own definition, ambulance response times remain at crisis levels under his watch.

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