In last week’s budget, Labor has thrown in the towel on delivering affordable energy to Victorians by gifting a $50 bribe for consumers to do the Governments job for them, says Shadow Energy Minister David Southwick.

Daniel Andrews has driven power bills higher than ever by forcing Hazelwood’s closure and ripping 22% of Victoria’s energy supply out of the market.

Now with a token $50, Labor is trying to bribe its way out of the energy crisis its own ideological policies have created.

Whether Victorians are paying more for power through their take home pay or through their taxes, Labor has driven Victorians into a cost of living crisis and has no solution.

A Guy Coalition Government won’t play ideological games with energy and will get renewables policy right so it delivers for all Victorians.


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick MP:

“Daniel Andrews cant bribe his way out of this mess, Victorians know Labor has no plan to lower energy prices.”

“This $50 bribe will do nothing to support vulnerable and low income households who are being hardest hit by Labors skyrocketing energy prices.”

“What good is $50 when Victorians have seen their average bills jump by over $300 under Daniel Andrews?”


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