The Victorian Population Policy Taskforce interim report has now been released calling for better roads, efficient rail and well-planned opportunities to see people shift out of Melbourne and into regional Victoria.


The facts are Victorians are crying out for visionary leadership to the year 2050 and beyond to manage threats to our liveability from the population explosion that is impacting every aspect of our lives. From commuters being constantly stuck in traffic, over-crowded trains and trams, pollution, energy, important services like schools and hospitals, the crime wave and housing affordability; managing rapid population growth is perhaps the biggest challenge facing Victoria today.


A Liberal Nationals Government will provide the leadership and framework we need to manage our state’s growth.


Channel 7's coverage of the interim report release


The majority of Victorians, 77 per cent, choose to live in Greater Melbourne, and 90 per cent of our annual growth settles in Melbourne. Continuing with the current ‘business as usual’ policy will by 2051 see an additional 3.8 million people in Melbourne but only 690,000 people moving or settling in the rest of Victoria. This effectively makes Victoria a city state. The Liberal Nationals Coalition’s vision is to transform Victoria into a state of cities, so we can decentralise Victoria and make it better for everyone.


Over the last six months, the Victorian Population Policy Taskforce has travelled across our great State holding community forums from Mildura to Moe; Wodonga to Warrnambool, ensuring that many different perspectives are heard in how we manage this unprecedented growth. We have conducted many community forums, focussed mainly in regional areas, to understand the concerns and thoughts of community leaders, local businesses and residents. We will continue to hold these forums as we prepare the final report.


Victorian Population Policy Taskforce interim report


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