Comments provided to The Border Mail regarding the recent aerial deer cull and the report released by Parks Victoria ... in essence more than 130 deer were shot by the professional aerial marksman in just over 18 hours of aerial shooting time. 119 deer that were shot in the first stage of the trial in October, equating to a deer every 8 minutes over the course of the trial. Report by Parks Victoria


Each year recreational hunters remove more than 100,000 deer from our parks and forests – can we really get excited about 130 shot from a helicopter?

That’s 0.1 per cent of deer that have been shot in the last 12 months.

Last year it was estimated that this aerial cull cost about $125 for each animal that was shot.

Those 100,000 shot by recreational hunters came at no cost, in fact each of the close to 40,000 recreational hunters paid more than $3 million to the State to do that for free.

Is the aerial cull good value for money, I don’t think so.

I’d also argue that leaving the carcasses behind is simply providing a free feed for wild dogs and foxes.

Dealing with the deer plague can’t be limited to one method.

We need to harness the resources of recreational hunters, look to the potential for this to be commercialised – turned into pet food and perhaps in time for human consumption, while trapping and baits may also play a role.



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