FACT: Victorian households and businesses are more dependent on gas to satisfy domestic demand than every other state.



FACT: In its first 100 days, a Liberal Nationals Government will remove the Andrews Government’s legislative moratorium on onshore conventional gas exploration and production.

FACT: Landowners will receive a 10% share of the royalty paid to government of the net post-wellhead sales.

FACT: Land owners will have the right to veto gas exploration and development on their land.

FACT: The Liberal Nationals will maintain the existing legislative ban on fracking.


Does this mean there will be less need for coal-fired power or renewables?

The Liberal Nationals support a balanced energy mix that provides affordable and reliable power to Victorian homes and businesses.

Governments should be doing everything they can to encourage the private sector to identify and develop new sources of reliable and affordable electricity.

To this end, coal, gas and renewables all have a role to play in meeting Victoria’s future energy needs.

As long as technologies continue to improve, there is no reason why coal and renewables, together with gas, can’t be used for electricity generation for decades.




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