Member for Benambra Bill Tilley MLA has labelled the overnight release of new education border crossing permits as cruel and hypocritical.

The new permits bar students, teachers, staff and their families involved from Prep to Year 10 and who live outside, or are at a school outside, the Border zone from getting to school and work from Monday. Those inside the zone can use resident crossing permits. The ban impacts NSW and Victorian families.

Several Primary Schools will be left without a principal, other principals have relocated, while Osborne’s Flat has moved the entire school to Baranduda. Rutherglen High has 53 students who live in NSW.


Comments attributable to Member for Benambra Bill Tilley;

This completely ignores the plight of so many students, teachers and families on both sides of the river.

It also ignores the fact that COVID cases are falling in Melbourne.

These are the families of essential workers, vulnerable children, others with learning difficulties that could and should be at school.

I don’t think NSW Health gets that remote of flexible learning doesn’t mean that there are not kids at school, that teachers aren’t needed, that the school principal needs to be there.

Why wouldn’t I be angry – yesterday the Deputy Premier said that a “serious amount of notice and communicating the message … was how they would build trust” going forward. This is thrown at us in the dead of night – effective from the end of today. John Barilaro should be outraged too.

And what about some of the schools in the Upper Murray that have students from NSW – they have been scarred by the fires, technology cannot overcome the shortcomings of the internet and topography – they need social interaction with their school friends.

The toll on their mental health, in fact on everyone’s mental health is literally killing people.

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