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Member for Benambra Bill Tilley MLA says the Coalition’s move to publish public school vaccination rates is a major win for parents in Benambra.

State Liberal Leader Matthew Guy announced this week that a Liberal Nationals Government would publish online the vaccination rates at every Victorian government primary and secondary school.

Immunisation has proven the most cost effective way to prevent outbreaks, illness, hospitalisation and deaths from preventable diseases like measles, chickenpox and whooping cough.

No information is currently provided by schools to parents on the rates of vaccination at the school.

Under a Liberal Nationals Government, the Education Department will be required to publish this information online, for each year level.

Mr Tilley says it is a progressive step.

"Parents across Benambra want nothing more than to know that their children are safe – at home, online and in the classroom," he said.

"Here for the first time they will have some measure of the potential threat posed by diseases that not so long ago could have proven fatal.

"At the same time the information will not jeopardise an individual’s right to privacy.

"This is a simple, inexpensive and long overdue solution that will help parents and children.

"We will give parents the information they need to make sure their kids aren’t exposed to unnecessary health risks."

Mr Guy said parents needed to at least be able to access that information.

"Parents should be able to send their children to school with the confidence that their health is not at risk from easily preventable diseases."

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