Our paramedics do a fantastic job – their commitment and dedication is beyond question so I won’t be jumping at shadows and statistics without knowing the full story.

I’d love to kick the government in the guts over this but let’s get the facts right.

I’m seeking further information on what factors influence the time delays, whether there are some parts of Indigo Shire performing better than others.

I know there have been some bones pointed at Rutherglen, which is serviced by a cross-border agreement with NSW, but I understand that these figures do not fully represent the ambulance call outs in that part of Indigo Shire.

I’ll be meeting with the Mayor later this week to discuss how we address this issue and how we can work together to improve these response times.

I’d also love to hear about the experiences from people throughout the electorate, if there’s an issue we need to tackle it armed with as much information as we can.

But at the end of the day people can have confidence that when they dial triple-0 that it matters nought whether it’s an ambulance with a Victorian or NSW badge – you’re in good hands.


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